Questions & Answers

Nothing. It's free for all gig posters & bidders. Always.

We charge a small fee to service providers only if they win & complete a gig.
It's simple. You can either browse through the local marketplace and hire direct or you can post a gig and let service providers place custom bids.
Service providers can create as many local services as they like in as many cities as they service. The more services you create the more exposure you will receive. There's no limit.

They can also place a bid on any open gigs in their area.
No. We do not accept any payments at all, ever. You pay your service provider directly at the time of service.

The service provider will pay us our fee after the gig is completed.
No. We love everyone! This is a free & open local marketplace. Everybody is welcome & encouraged to participate. Just be weary of who you hire. Look for bidders with the most vouches from other users.

Let's face it.. some people are crazier than a $3 football bat.
Vouches. The more vouches a worker has the more trust they have in our system.

Bidders can get vouches from friends, family and past employers. The more vouches they have the more they're found on
Simply send your friends and family to your entity page and have them click the "Vouch" button. Anybody can vouch for you but only once. The more vouches you receive the higher you will rank on our site, everywhere.
Yes. Just create a new entity.
Of course! We have more individuals making extra money than we have registered businesses. Simply do business as yourself.
We care about keeping our records up to date & we care even more about maintaining your privacy. All you need to do to claim your profile is visit your profile page & click the link "Claim Your Profile & Add Your Services". This link is usually found about mid way down the page.

From there you can claim the profile a few different ways. If you're having difficulty removing your profile please submit your profile URL here and it will be removed shortly.
We have license agreements in place with public data providers that allow us republish already published data. If you've found your information on our web site it's because you've previously published your information on a public registry and agreed to their privacy policy. We do not scrape or bot other web sites.

If you'd like your information edited, updated or removed please claim your profile using the instruction from the previous question labeled "How do I claim, add services to or remove my profile?".
We do our best to maintain up-to-date profile records. Sometimes it can be difficult to get all of our users to keep their information updated but we do our best. Our unclaimed profile data is also very up-to-date as our data sources require the data be accurate by law. If you own a profile and see that it's data is inaccurate please take a moment the update the information.